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KAZOO provides a comprehensive, mobile integrated and open
communication suite for businesses, with carrier-grade
reliability and security
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KAZOO provides a comprehensive, mobile integrated and open communication suite for businesses, with carrier-grade reliability and security
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KAZOO in the Real World

  • KAZOO has taken an estimated 65 years of combined effort since July, 2010

  • 25,565 commits made by 126 contributors representing 247,546 lines of code

  • Over 500,000 phones currently under management

  • Used in 15+ countries

  • Processes over 100,000,000 calls and about 500,000,000 minutes per month

  • Hosted facilities in 8 regions (California, New York/NJ, Illinois, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris,
    London, Amsterdam)

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The Vision

KAZOO is an advanced carrier grade telecom solution designed to scale effortlessly, with open APIs for developers to build their own integrations and a suite of pre-built applications as well as features that resellers can use immediately -- all packaged in a modern user interface. Our revolutionary platform lets you do business your way, ultimately empowering resellers to customize every part of their UCaaS solution, including pricing, branding, customer offerings and more.

Depending on your business requirements and preferences, you can choose between using KAZOO in 2600Hz’s shared hosted environment, having 2600Hz host KAZOO for you on dedicated private bare-metal servers in world class data centers or have 2600Hz monitor and support KAZOO in your own data centers. The choice is yours!

Whether it be voice, video or SMS, our mission at 2600Hz is simplifying and opening the cryptic black box of telecom.

Technology Behind KAZOO

2600Hz has gone through great lengths to build a scalable and reliable solution. We have chosen our components through extensive research, and have ultimately created an unrivaled product. Each layer of KAZOO’s architecture is integral to the
entire operation.


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2600Hz Zone: US-East


2600Hz Zone: US-Central

2600hz kazoo architecture full diagram 2600hz kazoo architecture full diagram 2600hz kazoo architecture full diagram 2600hz kazoo architecture full diagram

How KAZOO Handles a Phone Call

kazoo architecture diagram showing sbc deskphone call

SBC is Selected

Your customer places a call into KAZOO using any SIP compatible deskphone, softphone, webRTC component or the 2600Hz MVNO offering for mobile users. Through a combination of DNS queries and/or configuration, the closest available KAZOO session border controller (SBC) is selected.

Ensuring the Call Goes Through

KAZOO is monolithically configured, meaning as long as the customer’s phone can connect to any SBC in the cluster, the call will go through. This is true even when data centers can not connect to each-other, they are ALL able to process any request, add, move or change as required, automatically synchronizing when the connections are available.

The Call is Routed to a Media Server

kazoo architecture diagram showing sbc media server message bus

Media Server Selection Based on Quality

As the call reaches the KAZOO SBC, it will choose and route the request to a media server that will provide the best possible audio quality but will use any available resource to guarantee a call is completed.

Real–Time Control

The KAZOO SBC leverages the KAZOO message bus to maintain a real-time image of the shape of the cluster and current business level rules to apply to all traffic flowing through it.

Unlike some systems, the media servers have no customer specific configuration, rather are controlled in real-time by any application on the message bus willing to take on the request. KAZOO makes many servers appear as one big system.

An Application is Given Call Control

kazoo architecture diagram showing sbc media server message bus apps pbx features

Call Processing Application Request (e.g., PBX Features)

As the call reaches the KAZOO media server a broadcast will be made into the KAZOO message bus asking if any applications are available to process this type of request. Any of KAZOO's available Call Processing application (such as PBX features) will offer to control the call and a winner will be selected.

The Power of KAZOO's Core

For both redundancy and scalability, many instances of any application can exist at the same time, maximizing your service offering. The KAZOO core is responsible for orchestrating all the components in the cluster allowing applications to implement business level logic without needing to address managing a highly elastic set of resources.

KAZOO's core ensures that the proper action is taken on the proper server in the cluster transparently.

The Call Terminates

kazoo architecture diagram showing json transfer and cohesive cluster

JSON Message Transfer

At the termination of the call, further information is published to KAZOO's message bus. As with all KAZOO events and control messages these are JSON payloads transferred using AMQP, a widely adopted open standard application layer protocol with roots in the financial industry. This creates KAZOO's signature loosely coupled, but highly cohesive cluster.

Benefits of a Cohesive Cluster

This cluster allows any application able to speak AMQP to participate regardless of the programing language. For example, your own in-house developed application written in your developers preferred language could consume the messages related to terminated calls and push them to legacy back office systems.

The options are endless, and a KAZOO application in any language can have full power to control all aspects of the cluster without needing to know about the cluster. This allows you to easily create solutions that set your business apart from any other KAZOO deployment.

KAZOO's Many Integrations

kazoo architecture diagram showing integrations

Variety of Intergrations

Combined with KAZOO’s own applications built on top of this core, out of the box KAZOO can provide fully featured PBX offerings, wholesale routing, conferencing services and advanced UCaaS solutions. At the same time applications, even running in data centers separated by WAN connections, will respond to the existence of this new call. KAZOO is capable of a wide variety of integrations using 150+ HTTP APIs for pre-configuration, real-time events via WebSockets, HTTP WebHook notifications, even real-time call control over HTTP.

Monster UI & Customizing the Experience

Using our turn-key and modular javascript UI, called Monster UI, the power of KAZOO is exposed to users of all skill sets in a carefully crafted user experience designed to guide and assist. If you want to customize the experience, you can easily write new applications for Monster UI or create your own portal from scratch utilizing the same KAZOO HTTP APIs.

Create Your Own Applications

Using our HTTP real-time call control, you can create web applications that are able to provide bespoke communication solutions, such as collecting a caller's credit card number and validating it with external systems.

Since this is only a small portion of KAZOO's capability you can mix real-time call control with pre-configured features, such as KAZOO's built in voicemail, so your developers only need to create the unique components for your service offering. All this is achieved with the same KAZOO core, so issuing any request to any available KAZOO integration service will transparently execute it where it needs to happen.

Our Compliance Helps Secure Yours

2600Hz safeguards the security and compliance of mission-critical communications for our clients. Our Hosted Platform and Private Cloud solutions are certified ​as ​compliant with the standards in the link below.

Discover How KAZOO Can Work for You

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Hosted Platform

Turn-Key Cloud


2600Hz's hosted suite can be customized and white labeled to establish and grow your business, while providing industry leading features, reliability and scalability.

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Private Cloud

All of the Control,
None of the Hassle

Dedicated, Secure Hardware for KAZOO

Build your telephony stack using the world’s most powerful platform with hardware optimized for KAZOO, combined with management tools offered from 2600Hz.

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Global Infrastructure

Customize Your
Own Telco Empire

KAZOO Anywhere, Any Size

Deploy KAZOO’s georedundant, clustered architecture inside your own data center and enjoy complete control over your network and carrier providers.

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