Deploy, Manage, and Scale
Your Own Telecom Infrastructure.

Host the most powerful and advanced telecom software in your own datacenters.

Scale Your Infrastructure Infinitely

Deploy a complete cloud communications system instantly, then scale it easily to meet demand. Install to bare metal or VM Cloud, and manage the entire system effortlessly.

Offer Superior Features + Services

Provision complete office communications to your users with a whole suite of apps that enable PBX System Administrators.

Build, Automate, + Integrate Automate

Build rich apps and new experiences or integrate with any existing service using open, RESTful APIs.

Install Kazoo Anywhere

Implement reliable, flexible, open telecom software with one-touch installs. Load your own carriers and numbers, and start offering services to your customers or internal clients instantly.

Manage Effortlessly

Control every aspect of your system’s performance with 2600Hz’s Cluster Manager. Easily upgrade services on your installation in order to stay current. Set up multiple clusters so you can test software revisions before you go live—even supports developer environments! Diagnose system issues quickly and efficiently with System Alerts and Historical Performance Graphs. Coordinate even the most complex server orchestration with custom scripts.

Additional 2600Hz
Offerings + Services

2600Hz offers a comprehensive suite of additional services for Large Service Providers with customer configuration requirements, including:

Security Services

SRTP/ZRTP, MPLS, Private Networks, VPNs.

KAZOO Services

Hardware support, custom architecture design, and software consulting.

Developer Services

Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with 2600Hz Developer Services. 2600Hz offers consulting and software development services to large clients with customized needs.

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