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Complete control with enhanced network and monitoring capabilities
to enable rapid expansion for any business.
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private cloud plus phonesystem call center software

Want maximum ROI in a growing market?

Let us handle the tedious operational business for you, saving you time, costs and headaches, all while providing 5x9’s uptime and giving you all the control to manage your software stack. Private Cloud Plus brings you all of the flexibility your business needs without the hassle — plus the network and monitoring tools that enable your business to rapidly scale and grow.

private cloud plus call center software

Private Cloud Plus

Private Cloud Plus

Utilize our geo-redundant servers and gain
control like they're your own

Enabling resellers to develop, host and scale enterprise grade telephony in the cloud

Traditional Platform as a Service (PaaS) removes the need to build underlying infrastructure and allows partners to focus on deployment and application management. Tasks such as resource procurement, capacity planning and software maintenance are covered or automated and, with Private Cloud Plus, you have more control over the network. Sign up for Private Cloud and you’re ready to go.

Global Infrastructure
Private Cloud Plus
Private Cloud
Hosted Platform
kazoo private cloud plus phonesystem support

2600Hz call-in support

kazoo private cloud plus phonesystem failover

99.999% reliability with failover

kazoo private cloud plus phonesystem features

2600Hz applications and UCaaS features

kazoo private cloud plus phonesystem cluster management

Exclusive KAZOO cluster management tools

kazoo private cloud plus phonesystem hardware

Hardware controlled by you, in our data centers

kazoo private cloud plus phonesystem network monitoring capabilities

Additional network and monitoring capabilities

kazoo global infrastructure phonesystem hardware

Your own hardware/ data centers

kazoo global infrastructure phonesystem hardware

International Deployments

Powered by KAZOO

2600Hz’s Private Cloud Plus suite, integrated with KAZOO, takes PaaS to a new level. This platform is ideal for those searching for a private telecom infrastructure that provides more control over the network including faster access to backend data for troubleshooting or who have enhanced capability equirements but
are not looking to build it themselves.

Private Cloud Plus Features

kazoo private cloud plus Network Monitoring Capabilities business phone software data centers

Data centers in:
Silicon Valley, CA (2600Hz), Chicago, IL (2600Hz), Newark, NJ (2600Hz),
London (Softlayer), Milan (Softlayer), Oslo (Softlayer)

kazoo private cloud plus softlayer business phone data centers

2600Hz is a proud partner of SoftLayer and hosts on 100% bare metal.
Unlike our competitors, this helps guarantee call quality.

Network & Monitoring Capabilities

Private Cloud Plus gives you additional network and monitoring capabilities for more control over your offering.

Back-Office Integrations

  • Push raw CDR feeds

  • Push HTTP notifications on service add/ move/ changes

Enhanced Network Capabilities

  • Utilize MPLS connectivity with customers

  • Stream logs and SIP packets for debugging

  • Integrate with Homer wire capture system

White-Glove Assistance

  • Get assistance with complex interop/carrier configurations

  • Personal assistance with configuration, scaling, and growth

kazoo private cloud plus reseller management automatic call distribution

Cluster Manager

Cluster Manager provides partners with real-time metrics that offer complete visibility and control of all servers, as well as diagnosis of issues and errors.

Cluster Manager makes it possible to:

  • Easily create a new developer or test cluster

  • View real-time system health alerts

  • Aid in intuitive server task management

  • Control upgrades and versions

  • Write and deploy custom scripts, modules and integrations

  • View everything on the system via direct access to events queue

kazoo private cloud plus developer tools business phone system

Reseller Management Suite

The 2600Hz app exchange offers you all of the essentials to make managing a reseller telephony business seamless.

Our tools make it possible to:

  • Easily add users, devices, assign DIDs, configure offices and virtual receptionists and much more all via Smart PBX

  • Auto provision SIP devices quickly and customize device settings directly from the UI

  • Connect your own carriers, import numbers and classify routes

  • White label the entire platform, with DNS configuration built in

  • Design complex call handling routes via a drag and drop interface

  • Create accounts via our multi-tenant account support app

  • Provide SIP trunks to legacy PBX systems

kazoo private cloud plus office management call center voicemails software

Developer Tools

Our developer friendly apps make it possible to:

  • Receive real-time event activity within accounts via Websockets

  • Build rigorous integrations that rely on real-time non-critical notifications from KAZOO via Webhooks

  • Generate real-time KAZOO callflows via REST API’s using Pivot

kazoo private cloud plus developer tools business phone system

Office Management Suite

Our tools help provide your customers an end-to-end business telephony solution with features like:

  • Call center and call queueing

  • 2600Hz mobile 3G/4G voice, data and SMS services

  • Call recording and integrated storage services

  • An operator console to manage inbound call traffic efficiently

  • An intuitive, personalized user portal

  • Advanced conferencing services

  • Voicemail and fax management

The 2600Hz Edge

Unlike other PaaS providers, 2600Hz’s Private Cloud Plus suite is a PaaS solution engineered specifically to enable telecom businesses to rapidly scale and grow.

kazoo private cloud plus phonesystem superior support

Superior Support

2600Hz call-in support routes directly to voice and network certified technical engineers. Partners may choose from a variety of support packages that give access to the very people who built KAZOO.

kazoo private cloud plus phonesystem datacenters

World Class Datacenters

2600Hz uses the power of Equinix – whose datacenter facilities offer the broadest geographic reach, largest choice in networks and the most efficient connectivity options.

kazoo private cloud plus voip network quality

Network Quality and Peering Connections

2600Hz uses tier 1 network providers such as Level 3 Communications, Cogent, NTT Telecom and Sprint. MPLS, VPNs and customized carrier connections are available by request.

kazoo private cloud plus business phone system telecom expertise

Telecom Industry Expertise

2600Hz SIP, RTP, networking, server management, database management and security skillsets are all telecom-centric, providing you and your customers with the the best possible specialized business communications solution.

kazoo private cloud plus voipprovider reliability


2600Hz boasts industry leading uptime that is backed by geographically redundant architecture that provides high resiliency against network and equipment failures. KAZOO automatically and seamlessly reroutes calls in the event of equipment or network failure.

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